Get Your Kids Excited about God!

Church nursery available at Real Life Peculiar
Children's Church at Real Life Peculiar
Safe and secure children's church in Peculiar

Sunday School & Real Kids Church

Teaching children about God in Peculiar

Bring Your Children & Grandchildren to Church!

Sunday School brings children together to learn Bible stories, form friendships in a safe and secure environment, and hide the Word in their hearts.

Real Kids Sunday School starts at 9:30 every Sunday morning.  Kids Sunday School and Services are for kindergarteners through age 12.

Spirit-filled church in Cass County

Today's Kids Will Be Tomorrow's Leaders

Kids are not only the church of the future... they're also part of the church today. We're building our Children's ministry and welcome you to join our efforts. Let's work together to reach and teach the children of Cass County about Jesus.

Children's Church is at 10:30 every Sunday morning.

Real Life Kids Chapel

Real Life Kids is designed for children Kindergarten through 5th Grades and is a fun and energetic service.  They will learn God's word through worship, games and Bible lessons which engage them on their age level.  Your children are not the church of tomorrow, but a part of the church today.  Children learn through experience.  Real Life Kids meets after the praise and worship portion of our service so they can experience their parents, guardians and other believers worshipping God together and begin at an early age to feel a sense of belonging to the larger fellowship of believers.

Working in Kids Ministry Since 1973!

Hi! We're Allen and Mary Cook, co-leaders of the Kids Chapel. Along with the rest of the team, we're collectively bringing 100+ years of experience in working with children. All the workers in our children's ministry have passed a background check, and the safety of your little ones is our top priority. 
We deliver brief segments of Bible-based teaching to engage children, knowing that kids are not "little adults" and have different learning needs. We include interactive activities so children are part of the service, and we present Biblical truths through storytelling, multimedia, question/answer, humor, and more. We all have fun during Kids Chapel, and we welcome your children or grandchildren any time. 
Allen and Mary Cook, children's pastors at Real Life Peculiar

New Life Kids Nursery

New Life Kids believes your little ones are a gift from God with a life which is designed by God.  Raising and training children can be challenging.  Let us help you teach and guide your children, newborn to pre-school age, to learn about God's exciting plan for their life.   They will learn about the world God has made for them through Bible stories, music, arts and craft projects, prayer and interaction with other children their own age.

Anita Calvert, nursery director at Real Life Peculiar

Your Little Ones Are in Good Hands

Hi! I'm Anita Calvert, leader of the Nursery here at Real Life Assembly of God. We look forward to meeting you and spending time with your little one. The nursery babies and preschoolers enjoy Biblical music, engaging visuals, Bible stories told on their level, and activities that go beyond basic playtime. 
Children's ministry begins here, and we believe that every child ought to learn about their creator, God, who made them and loves them just as we do. We're called to treasure each child as a gift from God, and that's why we give high priority to planning quality experiences for every child and family. I look forward to meeting you and your little ones soon!

It's Never Too Early to Start Hiding the Word in Their Hearts

The church nursery is for babies (from birth) through preschool. Your little ones will learn Bible stories and get plenty of play time while you're at Sunday School and Church Services. 

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