Pastor Chuck & Susan Ellsworth, Lead Pastors

Chuck and Susan pioneered Real Life Assembly of God in Peculiar, Missouri in 2014. Pastor Chuck's vision for the Cass County community brought him to Peculiar from Kansas City where he pastored for more than 10 years. 
Both Chuck and Susan were Pastor's kids. They're both talented musicians who bless the church body with their singing, preaching, and genuine hearts for people. 
Their adult children, Jordan and Danielle, frequently visit the church and serve on the music ministry team, too. 
Pastor Chuck and Susan Ellsworth, pastors at Real Life Assembly of God in Peculiar
Troy and Staci Jordan, Music and Youth leaders at Real Life Peculiar

Troy & Staci Jordan, Worship & Youth Pastors

God called Troy and Staci to help Chuck and Susan found Real Life after serving with Chuck and Susan in a Kansas City church before 2014.
Staci directs Real Youth, the teen ministries program. Troy leads the music and arts ministries as well as the production technology ministry. 
Their daughter, Christina, also serves in the production technology ministry. When she's in town, their daughter Hannah joins the music ministry. 

Meet a Few More Members of the Team:

Allen & Mark Cook, children's pastors at Real Life Peculiar

Allen & Mary Cook

Children's Pastors

Anita Calvert, preschool ministries director at Real Life Peculiar

Anita Calvert

Preschool Ministries Director

Susan Ellsworth, women's ministry director at Real Life Peculiar

Susan Ellsworth

Women's Ministries Director

Troy Jordan

Music Ministries Director

Chuck Bruner, men's ministries director at Real Life Peculiar

Chuck Bruner

Men's Mnistries Director

Al Hopkins, senior adult ministries director at Real Life Assembly of God

Al Hopkins

Senior Adult Ministries Director

Marge Garner, office administrator at Real Life Assembly of God

Marge Garner

Office Administrator

Cheryl McKenzie, corporate records assistant at Real Life Peculiar

Cheryl McKenzie

Corporate Records Assistant

Staci Jordan, youth pastor at Real Life Assembly of God in Peculiar

Staci Jordan

Youth Pastor